Can't Publish Downlinks via MQTT Since 3.25.0 Update

Since the last upgrade of The Things Stack Cloud to v 3.25.0 on April 3rd, I’ve been experiencing an issue with posting downlinks via MQTT. I am using the following topic for publishing downlinks:


I am also listening to the following topic to confirm successful downlinks:


I haven’t introduced any significant changes to the code, but it stopped receiving messages.
I’ve already spent a lot of time trying to fix this, without success. I even tried following an advice on a resolved issue, that I thought could be related.
Does anyone know what’s going on with those MQTT topics? Were there any changes that weren’t included in the release notes?

Hi, as you’ve also posted on Slack, I’m closing this.

I’d not count this as a double post due to the rather esoteric nature of the question, but please be aware we do prefer to post on just one channel and await a response otherwise we end up with answers split all over the place.

Solution on Slack:

OP had too much in his payload, TTI engineer said:

The end_device_ids and correlation_ids fields are not supposed to be part of the payload, per docs. This is the error you are currently encountering most likely.

Fix confirmed by OP

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