Can't see EndDevice but LiveData on Gateway

I connected my GateWay Successfully to TTN V3. I can see in Live Data a received message from my End Device Adresse.
I do not see the End Device in my Application Live Data and the End Device has no live data or last seen status

What am I missing out?

I guess I am facing the same issue:
On gateway console, I can see, between receive gateway status messages, receive uplink messages containing the DevAddr of my end device. But on the application console there is no data corresponding to this end device.
For an unknown reason I got data from the end device in the application console for a while but it stopped after the first reboot of th eend device and never recovered. This bunch of messages came after hours of nothing without me having done anything.
Where is the trick?

If you are using ABP you should investigate the difference between ABP and OTAA and the effect of a reset on framecounters. Spoiler: LoRaWAN has measures to prevent replay attacks…

Do you mean it will eventually work just by waiting for an unknown precautionary delay?
Where should I investigate on that topic?

It will eventually work when the counter value exceeds the previous one.

For basic LoRaWAN information you can use the learn link at the top of this page (when you scroll back to the top of the topic) or the documentation link at the bottom of each TTN console page. And of course you could just enter ‘LoRaWAN ABP OTAA’ in Google and see what comes up, for instance this page.

Thanks for the link which led me there. What is going on is now much clearer to me.
I’ll switch to OTAA

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