Can't show the data on the website

I’m using Dragino v1.4 and Arduino UNO as a node.

I’ve done making the node with this instructions.

Finally, i got this message through Arudino.

But in the Web site, i can’t see any data.

what should I do?

Is there a suitable TTN gateway nearby, managed by you or another community member, which you were hoping this would use?

LoRaWAN nodes cannot get data to the cloud server infrastructure without the aid of an in-range gateway.

While it’s certainly a goal of TTN that nodes should just work around a lot of the globe, in practice they only work where community members have installed gateways, either motivated by a desire to support the community or often to meet their own needs with the additional benefit of community support.

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:
There is no gateway here, so i’m trying to register my gateway on TTN.
So, I would beg the instructions for a node using Arduino UNO and Dragino v1.4 if you have.