Capturing LoRa signal with different SFs using SDR

I have Things Outdoor gateway which is in on things netowrk. Is it possible to capture LoRa signal by directly connecting software defined radio. I will use this signal for channel modelling

LoRaWAN gateways are not SDR receivers to use with SDR software. At least over the past 8 years I have not seen software for this purpose. You will have to write your own if google doesn’t provide results.

What do you mean by channel modeling and what is the purpose of that exercise?

I have other NI Ettus SDRs which I will use as a receiver to capture and save LoRa signal. Channel modelling means wireless channel response. First I am to capture LoRa signal and then I ll transmit it over the air using SDR and on the receviver side I ll also use SDR. after that I ll analyse the received signal.

I am intrigued why you are doing this/what you expect to learn from the channel modeling exercise.

If you have SDR equipment why do you ask your original question? Keep in mind retransmitting LoRaWAN packets does not result in them being processed by the LNS as they will be considered duplicates/DoS attack.

I will retransmit those LoRa signals in free ISM band. Channel modelling is a different research area. My question was that how can I capture LoRa signal?

Using what exactly? To what end? How will other gateways cope with these replay attacks on a shared community system that is provided free of charge?

Using the SDR with an antenna in record mode?

This comes under the heading of if you have to ask then you need to go back & learn the tools. And it’s not clear if this is going to result in any disruption to TTN.

But mostly you should be aware that we don’t do student assignments or research - the point of you finding out, even if it is finding out how to find out, is to develop your skills. Start with SDR 101 - they are, by name, a receiver and they receive via a connection of some sort, all of which is rather fundamental.

If this is an issue, then I suggest you go ask the tutors in the Structual Dynamics and Acoustics lab

Yes, you can capture and analyze LoRa signals using a software defined radio (SDR) device. SDR technology allows you to receive and process a wide range of radio spectrum in a software defined manner, including low power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies such as LoRa.

This contributes no useful additional information - it repeats what is already known and can only possibly serve to improve eByte’s stats. Eventually this strategy will make you look silly.