Cayenne data last 24 hrs, no history anymore?

Cayenne data last 24 hrs, no history anymore??
for weeks now my Beehive scale devices displays only the last 24 hrs.
It seems not to be Free use anymore.

Is there an alternative application wich i could use as a non commercial hobby beekeeper?

There are blizzard of IoT dashboard offerings but do consider when searching the forum :wink: to review what people use or using Mistress Google for your research, that someone somewhere has to fund these services so finding a free one is never coming with a guarantee of longevity - particularly if you are holding a fair few data points - I guess with hives at least three years so you can see trends would be useful.

Out of interest, as I know what it takes to run a server / database / dashboard, what do you think would be a fair price for you to be able to monitor your honey production from the comfort of your own smart device or desktop. The honey must have value, if only because you don’t then have to buy any, so the monitoring must therefore have value.