Cayenne integration?


I’m starting my first LORA project: it’s a LORA temperature sensor for personnal purpose.
It’s based on a Adafruit Feather 32u4 RFM95 LoRa Radio and I use a rak7246 as gateway.

I’ve succefully send temperature to TTN, and I can see the packet comming to TTN in my application devise consol.
So now I would like to display my data in a “nice” format (like graphic etc.). I see this topic that list a lots of solutions: Visualize (and push) your IOT data.
After some research, I found that Cayenne is quite popular, and also find nice starting guide:

So I register to Cayenne, but now I face a difficulty: I consol integrations, I cannot found MyDevice/Cayenne application ! I’m sure this was available a few weeks ago, when I started my first experiments of TTN.

So have I miss something ? To use Cayenne with TTN ?
I search in the forum, but I didn’t find anything.



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I have tha same problem, last week I add the My Device Integration on an Application.
At the moment the integration has been removed from the Application and also from the integration list. Now If I click on Add Integration there isn’t MyDevice or Cayenne as possible solutions.

We are aware that the Cayenne integration is work in progress for v3 - this may be related.

Maybe @Jeff-UK knows as he’s a regular user of Cayenne?

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FWIW, it’s back on my console

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Back for me too. All I have to do is test now !
Thank for your answers !


Hello, I would like to use MyDevice too in V3, were do I found it?
I allready have implemented an end device successfully to V3, also payloader CayenneLPP.
But I cannot found MyDevice in the V3 console under Integrations/Webhooks.
Were do I find it?
Best regards Thomas

I found following page:
But no MyDevice…!

Search the forum for answers.

Is not there for V3, won’t be there if MyDevices does not make the required changes TTN has requested. Go to MyDevices support to complain.

Thanks for the answer!

I’ve been using Cayenne for over 5 years, and over that time (at least for me) I’ve noticed that the service’s responsiveness has steadily decreased. Depending on how I’ve set up my devices, some will display error messages fairly consistently, and others, especially if I’m graphing for that device, it can take up to 30 seconds to display. For these reasons, I’m slowly moving my sensors to Home Assistant, where I have more control over the display and performance. My intention is to configure my LORA devices for display in Home Assistant, but I’ve not done anything in that direction yet.
So the point I’m trying to make is that I’m not necessarily recommending Home Assistant–I’m just offering my somewhat negative review of Cayenne. Maybe there’s a better service out there that you might look into.

Mine has gone missing as well.


Yes I found that graphical display is very slow.
For know, I’m more focusing on optimizing my hardware part, so Cayenne is enought. When the hardware par will be finished, yes I will focus on the data display, and perhaps use somthing other than Cayenne. But I will prefer a free displays services.

I take a look on Home Assistant, but it’s seems mode dedicated to domotics. My projet it’s not for domotic: it’s for moniroting to temperature of grain storage at farm.
I also see this solution:
But I need to be able to consult the data on internet (when I’m not at the farm), I don’t know if with tis solution it’s doable.


I set a ThingsBoard the other day on a 1Gb Linode VM at a cost of $5/month (for server rental). Took about an hour.

It certainly won’t cope with 1,000’s of devices with 1,000’s of data points a day, but it’s working well as a test platform.

This may be a useful self-managed solution.