Cayenne LPP 2.0 support in console (new packed encoding)

Hi, I noticed that there is a Cayenne LPP 2.0 specification here:

It mentions a packed encoding, where the channel field is omitted, for even smaller payloads.
It is recommended to use port 1 for normal Cayenne payloads and port 2 for packed payloads.
Are there plans to support this in the TTN console too?

The current “Cayenne” decoder in console only seems to support the classic Cayenne, regardless of the LoRaWAN port it is sent on. Perhaps this could be improved by adding a “Cayenne 2.0” decoder that does take the port into account, and is able to decode both regular cayenne (port 1) and packed (port 2).

Any chance of getting this supported?


I’d like to see this added to V3 - and I can try som Go-coding myself if it’ll perhaps speed things up?

The Things Stack is open source so you can make changes and send/issue a PR for any updates you’d like to see like other OS projects.

Yeah, but will it get implemented in the public stack running on :thinking:


Why not - if there are new extensions to LPP, why wouldn’t TTI integrate them in to TTS - the TTS CE is the same as the Enterprise version with the bits that don’t make sense for TTN turned off.

I’m assuming you can replicate the code style used already.

But it’s not me that gets to decide. That would be TTI dev staff who apparently have a cellar, a plank, buckets of water and a very large cloth so be careful.