CH2I ULP node library open source!

Hi @Charles,
I would like to test your library on my own board. It is based on Arduino Mini Pro, RFM95 and use RTC DS3231 as interrupt. Without voltage regulator I got around 2.5uA in sleep mode. I would like to implement TPL5110 also. So, I would be glad if you can enable me access to your library. :smile:

This is my board

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very nice board !
@Charles any ETA when you lib will be released.

danke :slight_smile:

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Holidays are almost over… let’s get started :cowboy_hat_face:




I have a lot of Mini-LoRa boards here now and would like to test the lib and give feedback.
Is it possible to get access to the sources please?

Hi … if you ask Charles that by PM and also show your github to him.

I’d be happy to test too if this is still ongoing. tkerby on github

Is this project still active? I don’t see any action of this topic :frowning:

salut @charles @BoRRoZ !

any news on this getting to a publicly available state? i’m planning on putting several BME280 nodes into the wild over the year and it of course would be great to be able to get them as ‘low power’ as possible right from the start.

happily would be trying to get to work what is there already as well - but probably won’t be able to contribute much more than optimizing documentation for lesser experienced users and finding bugs…


It is better to switch the sensor off with HIGH level in the mosfet (P-channel). Because before you go to sleep just have to declare that pin as an INPUT (no pull-up), because of the TTL definition it will be stay in the HIGH level and the sensor will be off.

In TTL, an input floating pin is a HIGH level.