CH2I ULP node library open source!


@Charles , CH2I , has decided that he will open source his ULP node library and that is very good news for all of us ultra low power users !!


Because his library is only used for his customers until now and closed source , its not completely ready to present to the general public.

And at least, but not least, since I’m not going to works on more (just maintenance) I will open source ULPNode library and some demo sketch, including this one.

The library is very powerfull and can manage variety of sensors, LowPower and some feature such as removing power from sensors/RF modules if hardware is designed for. It could also manage TPL5110 and wake from switch interrupt.
But the drawback is that even if the code is completely commented, with so much features and so much boards involved, rich technical skills are needed butI can’t release it without any documentation nor code.

So if someone want to test it, use it, investigate and (help) write documentation (even a beautiful I can create some private repo to my github and give you access before release to public.

Anyway, I would offer only to people that would invest time and that have proove their contribution to the community (here or elsewhere, hardware or software). It can be several people of course, no matter. More than that people using my boards would be appreciated because they would be able to test and provide once finished, code and board totally open sourced.and working.
During test and documentation, of course I will be available to help and answer question.

  • If you want to test and help writing documentation / demo sketches ect and are involved in this community please post here that you are interested,
    Charles will select a few users who will get access to the source code through github.

thank you Charles !


list TTN’ers onboard (will be edited)



would be interested to document HW and can help on code doc as well. If possible sign me up as well.


I’m interested as well!


I would be interested in helping with the documentation of the ULPNodeLibrary - got the Mini-LoRa board from you on my desk atm, waiting for the smd electronics…



Hi there,

Thanks to @BoRRoZ creating the topic and to all interested people.

I just published starting sketch I’m always using to flash OTAA config into node, like that no need to change values or put them in sketch,

This is the first starting point, once I give you access to the repo, read the readme file you will understand how things are going.

Rest to come (need some clean up before), but you can start reading this one

PM me on the forum with your github account so I can open access


@Charles :+1: Great move Charles, thanks from the community …and a particular ‘non-softie’, who needs all the help he can get! :wink:


just a few names who could be interested too :sunglasses: (I know there are a lot more experienced TTN’ers) who want to test and help out to make this a TTN community project.






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Thanks for all the work you did!


Yes, i would be interested to take a closer look!
@Charles great move! Thanks!


I am interested, however I have too much going on already so I decided not to get involved for now.


Looks like you made the little MOSFET breakout as well :wink:


Hi @BoRRoZ and @Charles, I’m too busy to get involved in immersive software development but I’m very happy to buy a bunch of prototype devices with zero warranty and get them onto TTN coverage long-term with any useful info such as battery voltage going back to the developers. Also happy to just send them back to the developers once testing is done.

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Hi Tim,

you don’t have to active developping… if you want to have a look at the source and test it, its fine too
tnx for your offer… appriciated

that’s for switching the sensor power on/off ? to save extra battery juice …

are you 'onboard as tester Amedee ? IOT_Marco ? (you should :wink: )

@Amedee yeah i did and some spare ones too for older nodes :wink: But had not the time to test them for now…


Yes, that’s what I am using for the MaxBotix sensor which are not ULP…

I pass, I have my own fully functional library and not enough time to work on my own projects :wink:


Hi Charles,

I am Interested in working on documentation of your great boards and designs, for the community. I am a charted engineer with many years’ experience in electronics and software and have built a number of your boards, the latest using the SX1262 stamp replacements for RFM95 using your ULP mini node., and currently working on the software.

As I am now retired, I have the time for such projects and like to give back to the Lora community.



Hello @Charles and @BoRRoZ,
I like this concept very much (and have my own implementation with the TPL5111 working, see: IoT LoRa Sandwiches), but… still interested to look and test Charles implementation. I am retired as @Vaelid but have to make time (with help of Albert Einstein?) because a lot of projects (grandchildren) have more priority. :innocent:

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