Change email address

The email address I signed up with is no longer valid, how can I change it?

I don’t now for shore but you can change your email address in the console part off TTN website’s. check it here:

Hi @yewtc * login with your credentials at

  • after login you can go to the ttn console at
  • next step is to click on your name in the upper right corner, select “account”
  • in the field “email” you can place your new email, then click “save changes”

thats all – quick and easy ! best regards

It worked, thanks

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@bluejedi @Jeff-UK

Really sorry for hijacking a thread, but i can’t create posts or send messages. i’ve been trying to get support through twitter, email and just can’t get this resolved. My account isn’t new and i’ve posted threads before and replied to them. It’s really frustrating as i need to post for some feedback on a project with our primary schools.

Are you able to help?

Email addresses are on an external server so there will be a short delay whilst we get something organised. Can you message ME (I’m a moderator too) your new email address so we can pass it up the greasy pole to management.


Are you referring to the OP or my thread hijack post as i can’t seem to PM anyone either?

You, @nabberuk, the OP was ages ago - it’s not a thread hijack if it’s a continuation of a theme.

You only did one post last time, can you re-register - that’s the quick win.

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I’ve done that (on my phone) as a different user (tnathan). I still can’t see the create post button anywhere.

Am i being stupid and not getting something simple here?

LOL, no, just anti-spam mechanisms slowing you down - log in under your new id and you have a message from me.

I seem to have a similar issue whereby i originally entered my email address incorrectly. I’ve now tried to change it but TTN is sending a confirmation email to an address that doesn’t exist. I can get into this forum using my user name, but I’m now prevented from accessing the Things Stack. Can anybody advise how i can resolve please?

If you don’t the anything on TTS, can you not register with your actual email address?

Unfortunately i mistyped my email address when i originally registered. I only found this out when i changed my email address and TTN appears to be emailing the incorrectly typed email address to gain confirmation of my acceptance to change my email address.

Effectively my account is locked until i can find a way out of this and presumably my gateway is locked to it :frowning:

Never recommended but I’m presuming you’re presuming I’ve guessed you have something setup on TTS - I’m pretty sure, but you’ve not explicitly said so. Detail always helps.

Suggest you go on to Slack and ask TTI staff in the Support section to look in to it for you.

Ok. Thank you for that. I will create a Slack account.