Changing the spread factor


i am using a sensor LHT65 and it sends with SF7BW125 and it is not enough for application i want to increase it to SF8. how can i change it.

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What leads you to think you need to change the DR?

RSSI of -45 is plenty, if not too much - how close is it to the gateway?

the gate way beside the end nodes.

i tested it today outside my office it doesn’t go far from 100 meter

That does not sound right, only 100m.

Describe the environment, for instance can the nodes antenna ‘see’ the Gateways antenna or is it obstructed in some way ?

And how have you configured the connection - OTAA or ABP?

What is the gateway?

Which TTN stack are you using?

Thank you for your answer,
the antenna is on the floor of balcon and the end nodes is not
Line-of-sight. it is 2 kilometer far from the antenna

Configuration is ABP.
gateway is DLOS8 from Dragino
what are you meaning with TTN stack ?

Version 2 or version 3?

Version 2. it is only testing

For line-of-sight, if I had a telescope, could I see the gateway antenna from where the device antenna is?

What RSSI / SNR do you get when it’s 2km away?

If you are using ABP then you will need to adjust the DR (SF) to get the link up & running but leave ADR on.

If you switch over to the much preferred OTAA for exactly this sort of situation, then the DR will start out low and ADR will settle it to a good value.

You can change these settings using the commands documented in the Dragino comprehensive documentation provided on the Dragino support/downloads section - aka “the manual”.

it is not line of sight, there are many building and skyscraper between us (no line of sight)

the sigal is die and i can’t recieve any thing. i tested the end node in other and nearer distance (200 meter). i tried to recieve it in the underground it is die too.

thank you for your help and effort i will try to change the parameters and i will inform you

There is quite a bit of difference between 100m and 2km !

i can change DR from console but i have question.
now i am at DR=5 what is the maximum or minimum value should i setting. i live in germany (Europe). in TTN topic i read about DR depending on Transmitting power, band width and spreading factor. when i change the DR is affected only SF or other values like BW and trasmitted value. what is you opinion as expert in LoRaWAN

i am in the test phase to test the communication between my end node and the antenna.
when it doesn’t work with 2 km. i tried it nearer to examine in which distance i still recieve my data


Confused I am.

Do this - and then the device will sort out the best DR and you won’t have to guess and neither will I!

However if there are many tower blocks in the way, it may never work without a gateway nearer. If you give us the gateway & the device locations we can look on Google Maps to see what the situation is.

@LoRaTracker, I think the OP wants to put the device 2km away but is struggling with it just a few tens meters away, probably being shielded by the concrete base of the balcony.

A newbie here. So the gateway decides what SF value the node needs to set as it measures the signal strength? If this is the case, would the node send the first packet to the stongest value to make sure the gateway gets the first packet (other wise how does the node know what to set the first power level to)?


No! The decision is made by TTS and transmitted to the node by MAC-command. The gateway measures RSSI and SNR and tells these values to TTS.

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