Channel Activity Detection(CAD) implementation of LoRa

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Sorry, searched all the forum and didn’t found the way to do it.
(I was not the only one that didn’t received an answer to this question).

Can you please tell me or point me where to find the answer?


ah but you didn’t asked there .

some background (I’m sure you’ve seen)


But… For why?

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I have alot of false detection, even when I search for two sequential CAD detection.
Tring to find more then 1 symbol will probably reduce the false detection dramatically

(LoRaTracker) #25

What was the occuarance of false detection ?

When there was no nearby 868Mhz transmissions I was seeing a false CAD rate of around 1:80 …

What is your purpose of doing CAD in the first place, it does loose you some sensitivity ?