Channel Activity Detection(CAD) implementation of LoRa

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Hope everyone is good.
I have a question about measuring ‘symbol time’ after doing CAD process, is this possible ?
in the above document they have written
“The figure 6 above highlights the symbol time measure through the power consumption of the device and the calculated symbol time”
Though i guess, power consumption can be measured externally and not internally?


Semtech probably can… sorry I don’t know.

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The document makes clear that the measurement of current is done on a scope across a 10R resistor, presumably in series with VCC.

They then relate that measured current consumption profile (and its time) to the calculated symbol time.

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I have implemented CAD using the RSSI in brief - using spiRead get the current RSSI and if >-128 assume channel is active - does a good job - but you also need o have a fail-safe logic - e.g. if for some period the RRSI is always > -128 then send (as the channel is free)

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Hi to everybody…
I am new to this forum and i know that CAD mode is not so relevant for Lorawan applications.
I am trying to write a point to point Lora SW , possibly using Arduino Ide , that use CAD mode to save battery power.
I wrote some code that run on Atmega328 …
But i couldnt implement on other platform like Esp32 or Stm32 since there is a lack of libraries (only RadioHead works) and hw platforms to do that(i refer to multiple interrupts lines)
Since i could not find many places where this topic is discussed i will try to ask my questions here:

Can anybody share any code implementing CAD mode and using CAD detect interrupt?


No, this is not the right forum and we don’t start this discussion all over again… CAD don’t save battery power.