Check gateway health

Hi everyone! I have a gateway connected to TTN but the data that are shown in the “live data” field are status updates. I am living in a city center, and I would expect to receive some noise from other IoT devices.

If it is indeed that quiet, I have also set up an end node with a raspberrypi zero wh + adafruit rfm95 bonnet , with LoRaPy to program the transactions:

SX127x LoRa registers:
 mode               SLEEP
 freq               868.099976 MHz
 coding_rate        CR4_5
 bw                 BW125
 spreading_factor   128 chips/symb
 implicit_hdr_mode  OFF
 rx_payload_crc     ON
 tx_cont_mode       OFF
 preamble           8
 low_data_rate_opti OFF
 agc_auto_on        ON
 symb_timeout       100
 freq_hop_period    0
 hop_channel        {'pll_timeout': 0, 'crc_on_payload': 0, 'fhss_present_channel': 0}
 payload_length     28
 max_payload_length 255
 irq_flags_mask     {'rx_timeout': 0, 'rx_done': 0, 'crc_error': 0, 'valid_header': 0, 'tx_done': 0, 'cad_done': 0, 'fhss_change_ch': 0, 'cad_detected': 0}
 irq_flags          {'rx_timeout': 0, 'rx_done': 0, 'crc_error': 0, 'valid_header': 0, 'tx_done': 0, 'cad_done': 0, 'fhss_change_ch': 0, 'cad_detected': 0}
 rx_nb_byte         0
 rx_header_cnt      0
 rx_packet_cnt      0
 pkt_snr_value      64.000000
 pkt_rssi_value     -157
 rssi_value         -157
 fei                0
 pa_select          PA_BOOST
 max_power          15.000000 dBm
 output_power       14.000000 dBm
 ocp                ON
 ocp_trim           100.000000 mA
 lna_gain           NOT_USED
 lna_boost_lf       0b0
 lna_boost_hf       0b0
 detect_optimize    0x3
 detection_thresh   0xa
 sync_word          0x34
 dio_mapping 0..5   [1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]
 tcxo               XTAL
 pa_dac             default
 fifo_addr_ptr      0x9c
 fifo_tx_base_addr  0x80
 fifo_rx_base_addr  0x0
 fifo_rx_curr_addr  0x0
 fifo_rx_byte_addr  0x0
 status             {'rx_coding_rate': 0, 'modem_clear': 0, 'header_info_valid': 0, 'rx_ongoing': 0, 'signal_sync': 0, 'signal_detected': 0}
 version            0x12

Sending LoRaWAN message


Even though the transactions I transmit show to be successfully sent, the gateway doesn’t show any messages on the live feed.

So it is either:

  1. A problem with the end node
  2. A problem with the gateway
  3. Both 1 and 2.

Is there a way to do a health check for my gateway, to see if it is possible to receive messages or if there is something else wrong?

The TTN console shows “connected”, and my journalctl -u ttn-gateway.service -f shows no problems.