CircuitPython LoRaWAN Code

Not a question but, if you like a ‘press release’

A month or so ago someone , on here, asked if there was any CircuitPython code which would allow an end device to send uplinks and receive downlinks to TTN. Well, now there is.

A few years ago I worked on a project using a Dragino Lora/GPS HAT for a raspberry Pi so I set about doing a conversion to CircuitPython.

You can find the result here:-

Thus far I have only run the code on a Raspberry Pi Pico with RFM95 module. A DOIT ESP32 devkit V1 I have runs the code but runs out of memory and so is unuseable. The ESP32 has twice the SRAM of the Pico but that particular board has only 11KB available to run programs after installing CircuitPython.You would need an ESP32 with some extra PSRAM (I don’t have) to get past the memory problem.

The Pico isn’t suited to battery operation because it’s sleep current is of the order of mA not uA.

Anyway, hope you like it. If there are changes people want I’ll look into it.

Have Fun