Claiming a Gateway

we have a gateway which is connected to old employee account, the employee left the company and we cannot reach him to remove the gateway from his account.

we have the gateway and all informations but I cannot add it to my account because its already binded to another account.


The volunteers on the forum do not have account access to assist though a cry for help to @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 may help start the process…better to raise a request for help via the #support channel on the TTN Slack. You dont specify GW type but from choice of title and given ‘claiming’ was process for TTIG’s I assume this is the type you have? In which case you should note that process is now changed with latest release of TTS(CE) where you register all GW’s vs adding or claiming as appropriate and the console system will then match EU to identify TTIGs and trigger request for additional credentials to claim. Can you still access his account? Was it tied to a work email address that you can access?

Hi Jeff

Actually the employee used his personal email, the Gateway I have is from Tektelic, and I have all information because its here with me and I can connect it to the application given by the manufacturer.

anyway, I have sent messege to @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 waiting for his support.

Krishna tends to help readily identify and sort TTIG issues, but may also be able to help here… another option you might try is to register again under a new GW ID (of your choosing - dont pick something obvious that another user may have used before), and use the GW EUI again…usually we say delete old version 1st (original GW ID cant be re-used after that, though the EUI is then free for re-use) but may work…was it previously on V2 or has it already been previously set up on TTS(CE) aka V3?