Class B implementation


Are there any Class B implementations active on TTN?
Is it correct that it is possible now to implement class B?
Are there any examples available for class B implementation?

Thank you

I think it’s in the roadmap for later this year

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Does that mean Class B isn’t implemented yet or not tested yet?

Not implemented in V2 of the back-end. You will need to wait for V3 of the back-end to go life.

As of now (April 2018) we do not have a Class B implementation in our v2 backend. It’s on the roadmap for our v3 backend, but there is no target date. We currently don’t believe it will work well on the public community network, considering the large amount of gateways without GPS (a requirement for class B; NTP is not accurate enough). This means that we’ll likely only put it on our roadmap when there’s an actual need for it (from private network customers for example). We do plan to start supporting Class C later this year with v3 (but not yet in the first “preview” release).

Thank you for these clear answers.

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