Class B or custom Class A

Is Class B supported by The Thing Network ?
I need to send downlink message from my app to my device. In class A, the receive window is 1 and 2 second. I need more like 1 and 2 minutes receive windows dut to my app’s response time.
It is possible to custom this windows on my device. But is it possible to custom it in The Thing Network ?
Or may be is it possible to cutom ACK from network to add some information, instead of a downlink message from my app ?
If not, I am thinking aubout using Class B.
Thank you

  1. Have you spend about 30 seconds searching and reading the forum? No, class B is currently not supported. Neither is class C.
  2. If you need that much time to respond to an uplink you won’t be able to use the RX1 and RX2 slots as you found. The timing of those slots is fixed at the current values and is not adaptable.
  3. What kind of information do you want to add to the ACK that can be made available within the 1 second window which you app can not manage?

BTW, keep in mind your node may receive just 10 ACKs and/or downlinks a day in the community network due to the fair access policy.

If the response is not timing critical you can just schedule a downlink which will be sent to the node on the next uplink. That way you have plenty of time to generate the downlink.

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Thank you for your answer Kersing.
Yes I have been searching on the forum. I even read that class B was in the road map last year.
My aim is to have no loss. So I want ACK to start from my app and not from network server.

Is it possible to add a delay in the ACK ? To make the network response longer than 1-2s

That effectively means you can only send 10 packets per day. Anything more is in violation of the fair access policy.
I would recommend considering other options to handle missing data.


I understand this point. I will use a private network.
Thank you for your answers