Class C does not work on the TTN Community

Good mornig TTN,

I found this information( see picture below) on the website but I cannot make Class C work : when I use the Downlink tool in TTN device overview it is not sent immediately, the gateway sends it only when receiving a message( Class A).

Is it normal ?

Thanks !


May-be you could search the forum? Then you would find multiple messages stating class C is not available on the community network.
The community network uses V2 of the TTN stack, not V3.

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I did, all information on class c is at least 3 months old. Maybe there were changes. So when will this be changed?
Then why is the picture saying class c available for TTN community?

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I think the picture is meant to say that class c is supported by the community version of the v3 stack.

But the “The Things Network” label and the “Join now” button (whick links to the current version of TTN) are indeed confusing.


What about on TTI V2, is C class supported?

You need to ask TTI that question. TTI offerings are not supported or discussed on this forum.

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my experience is that sometimes, you will not get straight answers here - you might be educated on how to post the right question, that you need to read more etc. I don’t know why that is.

So please allow me to tell you that I have heard that Class C functionalilty has been planned for the v3 stack, the Things Network folks are working on it, but it has not yet being rolled out and there is no timeframe defined yet for a planned rollout.

Now I am hoping that people with first hand knowledge will jump out to correct me which is great because only then we might get the needed information :slight_smile:

So I thank them in advance…

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That is because the community does not particularly enjoy repeating the same answers over and over. The active moderators on this forum are just like you members of the community, not employees of TTI. We happen to spend over two hours a day moderating and answering questions, so not having to repeatedly answer the same questions allows us answering new questions.

The people you are referring to are TTI employees. They repeatedly indicated they will not commit to a timeframe when it comes to availability of V3 on the community network. So don’t hold your breath for an official statement.

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Yes, sure, I was confused to with this information too.