Class C Status

Hi! What’s the status of Class C support? I found some threads saying that it is not implemented yet and others where it reads like it was available.

I’ve tried to set my LoPy to Class C and send a single byte via TTN Console to our Laird RG1xx Gateway to be forwarded to the LoPy, but it doesn’t receive anything (admittedly I don’t know if I made a mistake with the lopy)

Johan gave a presentation last week about the upcoming stack V3
(see slides )

  • can’t find the YT vid now

class C will be implemented… expected around may 2018 if I’m not mistaken


Hi all,

is there any new about TTN & class C implementation ?
i can’t find any official announcement !

thanks, regards

as you understand stack V3 isn’t released yet :sunglasses:

see TTN network stack V3 central 1

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