Clean previous install of packet forwarder

(Skoubidoufr) #1

I’m playing with LoRa since 2 weeks only, after following several tutorials I’m able to communicate with my Mtech gateway and with my IoT objects, now I would like to clean up a little bit the install of the gateway.

The gateway was originally installed with mLinux, I did a reset (5s press) and migrated it to AEP 1.4.16, and installed mp-packet-forwarder 3.0.20-r1 using the kersing installer from github.

The gateway is working fine, I see it’s activity on TTN console.
However when I look at the Lora settings on AEP it says lora packet forwarder 3.1.0-r11.0 with Status=STOPPED , and the LoRa statistics are not available.

My assumption is that 2 packet forwarders are instaIled, and that the AEP web page is not “connected” with the right one.

At the end I don’t know what packet forwarder is running, and what I should clean.
opkg list-installed | grep forwarder gives me this
lora-packet-forwarder - 3.1.0-r11.0
lora-packet-forwarder-usb - 1.4.1-r11.0
mp-packet-forwarder - 3.0.20-r1

Now a couple of questions:

  • how can I know the version of the running packet forwarder?
  • which packed forwarder is recommended? (mtech m210L)
  • what should I do so that the info displayed in AEP web page is correct?

Thanks in advance!

(Jac Kersing) #2

That page shows the status of the MultiTech packet forwarder. If showing the status is more important than having a better TTN integration you will need to run the original forwarder.

You should not remove any software, there is no need for it. Just ignore the embedded status page and be aware you will not be able to use the embedded node-red locally either. That only works for the original MultiTech software installation.

(Habibraed) #3

Hi Kersing,

I would like to thank you first for the packet forwarder script, i have been using it for a while and its working greatly.
I am having the same issue, the AEB packet forwarder status is not showing the kersing packet forwarder status, and i get this massage on the page :

I am not really interested in showing the actual status of the packet forwarder on the AEB page, i just wanna ask if this warning regarding the US frequency is an actual issue; BTW i am using the 868 plan.

And another quick question, is there a way to completely remove the kersing packet forwarder in case we want it to use the gateway in a different way in the feature.


(Jreiss) #4

The status block is looking for lora_pkt_fwd process to be running.
The name of the process has been changed with the installer so the status cannot be correctly displayed.
The warning can be ignored as the AEP settings are not being used by the ttn packet forwarder.

Reload the AEP firmware if you want to restore the original functionality.

(Habibraed) #5

Thanks sir,
Just a quick question, do you mean by reloading the firmware ; resetting the Gateway or re uploading the AEP firmware and installing it again ?


(Jreiss) #6

I am suggesting to perform a firmware upgrade using the same or a newer version of AEP if it is desired to restore the original functionality.