Commercial Analog output LoRaWAN Controller (0-10V dc) AS923


I am looking for an “Off the Shelf/ Commercial” LoRaWAN device that can control a HVAC vent / damper position

The damper controller is powered, and only needs a very has a low current (10-20mA) 0-10Vdc output

Control signal Operating range DC 0 … 10 V, typical input impedance 100 kΩ

(i.e. max current draw 0.1mA at 10V)

I if the LoRawWAN controller needs external power , I could tap off the 24Vdc power of the associated Damper Controller

I would like Class C LoRaWAN capable device - Unsolicited control messages to Controller via TTN

Datasheet on damper controller:

You may have to settle for a digital output that is connected to a DAC.

FYI, “the LoRaWAN controller” is what we call a device or node and will certainly need power from somewhere.

TTN community edition does not support Class C at present - it is scheduled for v3 but there are no timescales for deployment yet.


The only way I’ve achieved this is using a LoRaWAN to Modbus converter to Modbus I/O with either 0-10/4-20ma outputs. I’ve tested devices form Ursalink & Dragino they are both Class A/C devices. As Nick says TTN currently doesn’t support class C but hopefully by the summer it will be assume the no of down-links will be limited. I’ve used TTI v3 for testing and Multitech APE (LNS running in GW) for onsite Class C projects.