Commercial Analog output LoRaWAN Controller (0-10V dc) AS923


I am looking for an “Off the Shelf/ Commercial” LoRaWAN device that can control a HVAC vent / damper position

The damper controller is powered, and only needs a very has a low current (10-20mA) 0-10Vdc output

Control signal Operating range DC 0 … 10 V, typical input impedance 100 kΩ

(i.e. max current draw 0.1mA at 10V)

I if the LoRawWAN controller needs external power , I could tap off the 24Vdc power of the associated Damper Controller

I would like Class C LoRaWAN capable device - Unsolicited control messages to Controller via TTN

Datasheet on damper controller:

You may have to settle for a digital output that is connected to a DAC.

FYI, “the LoRaWAN controller” is what we call a device or node and will certainly need power from somewhere.

TTN community edition does not support Class C at present - it is scheduled for v3 but there are no timescales for deployment yet.


The only way I’ve achieved this is using a LoRaWAN to Modbus converter to Modbus I/O with either 0-10/4-20ma outputs. I’ve tested devices form Ursalink & Dragino they are both Class A/C devices. As Nick says TTN currently doesn’t support class C but hopefully by the summer it will be assume the no of down-links will be limited. I’ve used TTI v3 for testing and Multitech APE (LNS running in GW) for onsite Class C projects.

I’ve seen a LED lighting controller with 0-10V DC output

but its a 240VAC powered which is not desirable in HVAC ducts as supply is 12VDC

I’m looking for an off the shelf lorawan end node with an analog output 0-10V. I read here some people have seen a LE lighting controller but i’m not able to find any devices with an analog output. could someone point me in the right direction?

Why does the end node need an analog output, or what is the application ?

And into what kind of load/what current draw etc.? What resolution? Constant output or a short duration voltage pulse of variable size? Single sided (polarity) or differential? Galvanically isolated? etc. Lots of potenial ('scuse the pun!) questions wrt needs and application…simplest likely a DAC output from an existing onboard MCU (with a buffer?), per Nick 2 years back!

Or with more info on the electrical specs, maybe a simple PWM with RC smoothing.

But either way, two years on and I’ve not seen anything that does that off-the-shelf.

As well as the above, is this a one off or is it something you need a fair few of - if the former the simplest thing (relatively) will be to make one - if the latter, then there are people & vendors around that can help.