Community MAP Gateway Status

Hi TTN team,
Its a great work on TTN. I just joined the network this weekend. My first things work surprisingly good.

I have a question about the community map. Is there a way to find out which gateway is active at the moment?
It would be very nice to indicate the status of an gateway by color on the map. This way it would be easy to find out if my nodes at least have the chance to be seen by another gateway.


you can see if your node is in range of another gateway (then your own) by going to the console, choose the application and then data (and off course transmit something :sunglasses: )


Ok, if I am right, this tells me if the message was received by a gateway. But this does not tell if there is an active gateway that should/could receive my message.

that depends on other factors to, like SF from your node for example, so even if you ‘see’ a GW pincushion on a virtual map, you can’t know for 100% that you’re data is received by that GW.
… only by transmitting.

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I can see both sides.

As @BoRRoZ says even if the gateway is online there’s no guarantee you’ll get a signal just based on it being within the radius shown.

However I see your point about wanting to know if a gateway is up. This does actually happen if the gateway is nearby to a community. Looking on the community page shows gateways that are up and down.

Here’s an example on a local community that I’m part of. You can see one up and one down. However I know for a fact that the radius of the one which is up doesn’t reach everything in the circle.


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I’m not sure if i’m true, but i think the backend checks if a gateway becomes inactive. It shows it faster than the TTN-website. Also you can see on the current range of a gateway based on sending nodes.

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