Conduit with 2 packet forwards

(Jdsilvapereira) #1


I have one conduit gateway with packet forwarder for my own lorawan server.

Now I have some other lorawan devices class C and I need to create a packet forwarder for other addresses (same packets for your server (to test) .f.e.)

It’s possible to send information for 2 addresses at same time ?

I found this:

Other solution ? This software runs in lora 1.6.2 ?


(Ud Lo Ra) #2

If I understoood well, you want to send packets to more than one network server. This is possible, look inside the configuration file for “node servers for poly packet server (max 4 enabled, rest is ignored)”.
However, since nodes will be configured to send to one specific application with its own keys, you cannot do a double management of the same nodes - the application able to decrypt them will be just on one server at a time. If you have two different applications with different nodes, one can be on your server, one on TTN and both served by the same gateway.
And consider also that class C is not yet implemented in TTN.