Configuration of a Relay from LNS (TTN) by MAC commands

Hello everyone,

I’m facing a problem and I’m hoping that more competent people will be able to help me.

I’d like to set up an extended LoRaWAN network using a Deviceroy relay (the Relay Aria).
We’ve correctly configured the Relay on our NLS (TTN), and it’s communicating with it. So far, no problems.

However, we now need to configure the Relay to inform it of the whithelist of end-devices that can communicate with it. To do this, we need to use a MAC command (based on TS0011 from the LoRa Alliance) called UpdateUplinkListReq, which you can see in the image below (CID: 0x43).


We’d like to send this MAC command from TTN to our Relay. But how do we do it? It’s not possible to send a downlink on port 0 from the “Messaging” tab, so if I understand correctly: it’s impossible to send a MAC command?

For information, here is the UpdateUplinkListReq payload format :

If anyone knows how to do this and has already set up a wide area network via Relay, it would be a great help! :smile:

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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The answers to your questions is most likely in the documentation:

What are the updated devices needed to perform a LoRaWAN relay project in USA?