Configure TABS Sensor Payload


I have multiple of these sensors connected to my network:

I would like to configure this sensor to better fit my needs.
But i am unsure how to correctly do that.
I think that i can use “Downlink”-Messaging in the End Device UI to send the message, but i dont actually know how to accurately format the payload to, for example, change the detection threshold.

Is there anybody here that already figured out how to do this?
Thanks in advacnce!

The manual has the details on page 14 so if you write down the different settings you want (as you can’t send just one parameter, you have to send all 5 (filter, ω, ρ, β and threshold) you can then move on to stringing all the numbers together in the required format.

youll need to send downlink command via port 204 — in the ttn-console for expample send “00” - it will force the device to answer with actual status ----- if you would like to send this downlink with node-red via MQTT send “AA==” – its same as 00 on the console and will force the sensor status. to configure the devices its needed to bring together the payload as one string and send to the sensor … (see manual)