Configuring TTN Australian frequency plan RN2903, node

Hello, my name is Mark. I have a Microchip RN2903 which I have flashed with the Australian firmware.
I have had a look at the The Things Network arduino code, and an Arduino MEGA2560 will connect to the RN2903 no problems. My question is, will I have to rewrite the source code libs to connect to gateways in Perth Australia (ie TTN_FP_US915 is only option) or will it work without change?.
Unfortunately I am out of range to any gateways for another day or so to test, just looking for a heads up.
Regards Mark.

Can that question.
Did a test today, works! I love it when it works the way you hope it does.
Regards Mark.

Big Thanks to Joseph from Microchip for the AU Hex.

I have updated my RN2903 modules to the latest firmware. 1.0.3
But now I need to prepare one for Australia.
I cannot find the HEX firmare file for the AU Version of RN2903.

Can anyone help? This is urgent

With the limited bandwidth, Joseph can only really support Microchip customers in the Australia and New Zealand regions. Other international customers should contact their local regional Microchip distributor or Microchip at

Thanks guys. Done that too. Hope to have the hex soon. It’s urgent.

Unfortunately I still didn’t get the file. I’m at the point of having to abandon the project and refund the customer.

Did you contact Microchip or Microchip Distributor in your country?

Yes. They replied, but no firmware file so far.

Hi there I am trying to set a lora device so it will only use Australian allowed frequencies
however i cannot find anything that i can understand do do this
my devices being used are from ebay and come as 915 mhz but i know they can transmit into below that frequency which clashes with Telstra . I have done lots of reading and searching with very little results can someone point to a good resource please
regards Ron

What device are you using, exactly. Technically you have to turn off a few channels to use the things network in Australia, it will still work some of the time but. Furthermore, will your device reqire a fimware upgrade like microchips RN2903 to work in oz.
Dont worry about Telstra, your thinking to hard, its not that.