Connect 1000 LoRa module to single outdoor gateway

Hello to all,
I am working on the LoRaWAN network.
I got some problems at the time of connection.
If I connect 10 end devices, that time all 10 end devices connected to the gateway.
But if I increase the end device quantity that time some end devices unable to connect to the gateway.
I want to connect the 1000 end device to a single outdoor gateway.
So can anyone give me a solution for this?

Hi for OTAA join the gateway must send and those are limited to.
After the join a gateway will likely support more that 1000 end nodes.

Be aware that you’re gateway could fail and then the communication will be halted, for 1000 end nodes I would try to get two "independend"gateways. Would be good for you’re peace of mind.

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hi, i am doing this for, testing purpose.
so can u tell me, how can i solve this

See, emphasis mine:

Or: simply do not make 1,000 devices try to join at about the same time. Why would you need that?

See Multiple new devices trying to OTAA and Best approach to OTAA join for multiple devices turning ON at the same time.

hello @arjanvanb,
I jst want to connect multiple end device through OTAA to gateway,
so for that, there is any change i need to do in programming, there is any algorithm i need to foloow

Just do not switch on/join all devices at the same time. Wait 10 minutes between devices and you should be fine if your devices do not send uplinks with ack requests very often (each device may only request 10 downlinks a day anyway)

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And just to be sure: you should not do an OTAA join for each uplink, if that’s what you’re doing. See How often should a node do an OTAA Join, and is OTAA better than ABP? and OTAA best practice: how to not join every time?

Hello @kersing,
I read your following topic,

in that, I got some idea to connect multiple end devices to single gateway.
I have some question that,

  1. there is any effect of ADC value?
  2. if yes, whats is the effect? How I solve the effect?

Please start with studying LoRaWAN, the LoRaWAN academy would be a good resource. That should provide you with insight into what is relevant and what is not with regards to joining.

And keep in mind nodes do not join to a gateway. That is WIFI speak. In LoRaWAN nodes join a network. That distinction should be obvious after you completed the academy course.

thank u so much @kersing sir