Connect Seeeduino to MultiTech Conduit

I just bought a MultiTech Conduit Access Point and I am trying to add an end device that is a seeeduino to interface with it. I see that I can add a new end device to the gateway using:
lora-query --node-add [CLASS] ([APP-KEY] | [NET-SKEY] [APP-SKEY])

But I am unsure of what the parameters are in the list and what they correspond to in the arduino code. Sorry if this is a bit basic, I am very new to the technology.

Your question is about using the MultiTech software, not TTN so does not belong on the TTN forum. The forum at would be a more appropriate place.

That said, LoRaWAN is LoRaWAN so the same basic principles apply. I would suggest you look at the LoRaWAN basics to understand what the values represent, that should allow you to find the appropriate location in whatever arduino code you are using.