Connecting conduit to TTN

(Nasa2018) #1


I installed the TTN into my conduit… The the packet forward and network server stopped…

So I can’t send the data any more…Putty packetforward

(Jac Kersing) #2

No, you are (still) sending data to TTN, however the new software is not integrated with the MultiTech webinterface. After installing the packet forwarder for TTN your settings are managed in the TTN console (which channel plan) and by TTN (the contents of the channel plan) the interface does not serve a purpose.

(Nasa2018) #3

Ok, but how can I send the data using mDot ?? it shows no data in the console … and when I’m trying to connect mDot to the gateway without TTN it failed to join…

(Jac Kersing) #4

Your node (mDot) connects to the network, not to a gateway like WiFi. Did you configure your mDot with application information (keys etc) from the TTN console?