Connecting grasshopper lora board and FTDI for serial usart

Hi, I am using Grasshopper lora board for my project but i can not connect the FTDI for USART communication to see results on serial monitor. please ca any on help me with these? I am using Arduino IDE.

have you reached out to @onehorse ?

No I haven’t

Well, normally one would use the USB serial for output on the serial monitor, but you can use the other UART ports. There are three others, Serial1 on pins 0/1, Serial2 on pins A2/A3, and Serial3 on pins 8/9. See pin map here. So in order to make use of these, one has to instantiate them as usual, like say we want to use Serial2:


To output to the serial monitor you have to select your FTDI COM port, of course, and make sure RX is connected to TX2 and TX is connected to RX2 and that there is a ground connection between the FTDI and Grasshopper. The usual stuff, right?

Then to get output to the serial monitor, you would do something like this:


maybe add a delay between begin and print to make sure you don’t miss it, or put the print in the loop.


If you are doing this and not crossing Rx and Tx and still not getting any results, please email me at with your sketch, since there is something else wrong.

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Thank you!
this thing worked out properly.