Connecting LoRaWan RAK831 with LoRa node

Hi there,
Its my very first topic in this forum so if I made any mistakes kindly accept my apologies in advance.
I have LoRaWAN HAT (with raspberry pi 3b+) consist of RAK831 and A LoRa Node (SX1278 with nodemcu).
What I want is just p2p communication with my gateway and node, whiteout TTN comes into play. Obviously it’ll come into picture but its second stage of my task.
I can’t find any raspberry pi resources for this HAT to receive packets from my node.
Am I doing anything wrong anything out of sight in my approach?
Your help will be appreciated.
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Hi there & welcome,

P2P can’t be done with this card. The RAK831 is a LoRaWAN concentrator card, so unless you create the software (many have tried, most have failed), you will find it about a billion times easier to set it up as a gateway and use LoRaWAN. Particularly as RAK provide an card image to get it running simply enough.

If you want to try to find a way to make it work P2P, this is not the right forum, we only do LoRaWAN on TTN here.

@descartes I guess I just confuse the term p2p. What I want is to receive LoRa packets from my LORA node with this board without any server configuration. Like any python script that can do it.
Someone purpose the following solution.
Installing firmware and then I can see raw data from near by lora nodes.
Will it work?
The frequency for my module is 433Mhz.

I fully understood your intentions. P2P = point to point - direct communications between two devices without going via a server.

There is no Python script to drive a concentrator card as a device. Or indeed any other freely available software in any other language. The RAK831 is hardware that is a LoRaWAN gateway, not a simple LoRa radio. You can not do what you want to do for your first pass, you are going to have to go to phase 2, using a LoRaWAN server.

Or buy another LoRa device to try P2P, which is off topic for here.

@descartes that’s probably the quite comprehensive answer. But for my LoRa node I don’t need WiFi right? Otherwise whole point of LoRa will be in vain.

Is WiFi available on the NodeMCU device?
What exactly is it?
Why do you want to develop an IoT application?
What is it for?
Why are we here?

Perhaps review some LoRaWAN fundamentals:

Read all of:
The devices section of:
The gateways section of:
The network section of:
The applications and API sections of:

There are quite a few requests on here for TTN\LoRaWAN devices to be able to receive the normal type LoRa point to point packets.

Its perhaps not understood by some that LoRa point to point and TTN\LoRaWAN setups are not compatible.

@LoRaTracker 123
So I can’t implement top two blocks alone without having any server?

No, and you’ve been told this several times now.

The diagram is fundamentally correct, but you can’t do the top two by themselves, which means you need to learn LoRaWAN.