Connecting TTIG to a wifi that requires username and password


I have searched the forum and wasn’t able to find an answer to this.
Does anyone know if it is possible to connect a TTIG to a wifi network that requires a username and password to connect to?
As soon as I connect to such networks with my phone or laptop I am asked immediately for a username and password and once I provide them I connect to the wifi.

I have tried doing this with a TTIG to test it, I can see the wifi network, select it (I get a tickmark) but nothing happens after that. I tried saving and reboot, accessing the TTIG again to try and find a way to embed the username and password information, but I couldn’t find a way.

In this location it is not possible to connect to wifi in any other way.

Is anyone familiar with this, or has anyone found a solution to this?

Thanks in advance

Sadly this is a common problem when encountering so called ‘enterprise’ or hospitality (May want you to register/log-in so their marketing can grab an email address from you!) or educational wifi networks - with most of the GW’s where you preselect or preload a SSID and associated password. That just gets you onto the network, they then have gatekeeper landing or home pages - usually triggered when you try to browse to a site) where you then have to authenticate with a username and password… common for hotels or say the Eduroam network in UK universities etc. Most instances there is no way around it though there is a work around for some deployments where you connect to the hosting network using a low end pc or embedded platform with a browser, use that to log in to the authentication page then use (in the case of a PC) internet connection sharing (ICS under WinDoze) to then allow your devices to connect… note many (most) IT departments in that instance frown of such methods, and you may even breach usage T’s & C’s or introduce security vulnerabilities so proceed with caution (note with connection sharing you may need a lan cable to a small wifi ap to then connect the TTIG to)… can all get to be too much cost and hastle - in which case just grab a cheap phone or MiFi dongle and put a small SIM data service on it - 100 to 250Mb/month may well be enough :wink: (Forum search on GW backhaul data usage for the win!)

Many thanks for the prompt reply!

It would be mostly a case of connecting to eduroam. I will look at options and explore as per your recommendations

Have GW’s at/close to several Uni’s so only wish I could get them onto Eduroam! :slight_smile: Ah well… A few on campus networks (wireline connections direct or wireline to WiFi AP’s to GW) but usually just drop on a WiFi/3/4G dongle…often less of a headache! :wink:

Check with the network department if they can (and are willing to) whitelist the MAC.

Thanks for the suggestion @kersing

Hello all,
in case anyone is interested in this, I tested a router from GL-iNET (creta model) on the eduroam network (I suspect the cheaper mango model would also work).
Through that router setup it was possible to access the username and password option for eduroam and thus use the GL-iNET router as a repeater for a new WiFi. I connected the TTIG to this Wifi and it worked straight away.
I suspect it will be the same for any other wifi that requires username/password.
In my case I had access to eduroam and I am in contact with the IT department, as there can be issues with breaching policy as JEFF and Kersing suggested previously.