Connecting TTIG to The Things Stack (TTN V3)

Hi. I tried registering one GW, which is alive in V2 on V3 user interface, but it seems not working. It is TTIG gateway converted to TTOG (plastic housing and external antenna, mounted on my antenna mast). How do I register TTIG gateway on new user interface?

You cant, yet! Per other posts on this subject (forum search is your friend) The TIG relies on a CUPS (server) as it uses BasicStation, and then has some glue/translator s/w to bring the data into V2, which doesnt support Basictation implementations. V3 will support Basistation on TTIG’s natively without the glue but TTF have yet to establish the required V3 CUPS (server) and support. This is due in a few weeks as I understand it. BTW TTOG (The Things Outdoor Gateway) is a thing so if looking for support be careful what you post as they are very definetly not the same thing…what you have is still a TTIG…just in an external housing and with augmented antenna. Note also depending on where you are in the world you need to be carefull addiing an external ant if higher dbi (gain) than the original internal one, unless it is purely to compensate for external cable/connector losses, as higher gain units may lead to your device exceeding local RF EIRP limits, I dont think the TTIG has the flexibility to allow you to dial down the TX power to compensate for this. :wink:

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hello all,

A slightly more general question regarding TTIG and TTSv3.
I have a TTIG connected to TTNv2, but my devices/sensors are on TTSv3 and everything works fine until now. I have a monitoring project coming up where the intention was to buy a few TTIGs to install them in different locations, with each one serving a few sensors. This is meant to start in May (or earlier) and last for minimum 6 months, but most likely 1 year.
Is TTIG still a suitable option for this, if all the new TTIGs are put now on TTNv2? or will there be a cut-off point in the next months where they have to be migrated to TTSv3, at which point I won’t have access to the gateways and thus potentially they might also stop working (if there is no online/remote way of doing it) and as a results lose data. I understand that the dates set by TTI might not be fully set yet.

I am asking for some advice, as the budget is limited and TTIGs very well priced compared to other gateways. Looking around, I can see that the DRAGINO LP8 gateway seems like a suitable alternative that appears to work with TTSv3 at a slightly higher cost. Anything else seems too expensive.

Any thoughts would be most welcome.

TTIG reconfigure for V3 will be a remote operation. The gateway reads it config from a remote server periodically. When the config is updated on that server it will connect to the newly configured backend.


Just hope before sir TTN decide to shut down V2 clusters:

"The Things Network is shutting down v2 clusters later this year. "

TTN is not stupid and they know everyone will need a way to point the TTIGs to V3.


Hello @Jeff-UK, thanks for your precisions. I am new to LoRaWAN and i admit it is complicated to know where to find info from. Do you have any updates about connecting TTIG to TTNv3 since your previous post ? Thanks !

@Jeff-UK is on holiday so I’ll answer.

He doesn’t know. I don’t know. Only TTI knows. It will happen when it happens.

It doesn’t matter, you register your TTIG on v2 and it will work normally for v2 & v3 devices just fine.

If you need your TTIG on v3 right now you can contact TTI sales to see if they can help.

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Hello @descartes, that’s exactly the point, it doesn’t work that fine for us and i hoped we could use the v3 console to access some more parameters to tweak

Which more parameters?

The TTIG uses CUPS to be setup - so in some respects there are actually less parameters.

My two TTIGs are fine, there isn’t a wave of TTIG problems on the forum (today!), so let’s fix yours so it works like everyone elses, because the new shiny v3 isn’t available. I’ll respond to your orphaned thread.

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Hahah thanks ! For the parameters, i was thinking about the LoRaWAN network-layer settings (two europen frequency plans variants, schedule downlink late, duty cycle, and schedule any time delay).

It remains to be seen what you will actually be able to influence on the TTIG and, as above, the TTIG mostly just works for people, so it will be something on your config. I’ve put some questions on your original topic.

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Hi guys.

Can anyone actually state if the Browan Mini Hub Pro works on V3 and if the answer is yes, whether CUPS / or PF is preferred.

Please try to avoid any answers that do not specifically deal with the answer. Binary please.

Appreciate the insight and apologies for the directness and brevity.


Binary answer is Yes!

But then life isn’t binary it’s analogue and full of colour… or should I say shades of grey :slight_smile:

Now…would you like some of the shades of grey before your hair heads that colour when you try?

Unicorns and verbosity aren’t really my thing @Jeff-UK, something either works or it does not. Can you recommend a forum list or post that points to a binary answer with preferred procedures.?

Don’t get a Covid jab, they aren’t 100% …

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But you either have it or you don’t @descartes. It was a super simple question but happy to extrapolate from responses given :pirate_flag:

No :frowning: Sorry. Not yet!

If working in binary then also have to deal with the associated logic and get to grips with and or not nand xor etc… and some answers can then be mutually exclusive or can not be and’ed… grey often works so much better :wink:

Then again you could go all quantumie and following the example of our friend Mr. Schroedinger you might say that if there is a TTIG or it’s big brother Mini Pro running (or not) on TTI/TTN V3 stack in a closed box not visible in public, with no way of knowing if working or not until the box is opened to publicly confirm if working or not…is it? (Working or not!)

Then, if you make the analogy of the TTIG as a single qubit device in the box, can you reasonably say the a mini pro, with two operating states - basic station, or legacy SMTC packet forwarder - is analogous to a 2 qubit system, when placed in that same box with status unconfirmed until,opened?

Boy you could have some fun with this… :slight_smile:

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But you eventually arrive at a conclusion, right? Thankfully this is not a question about theoretical physics.