Move RPi with balena to V3


how can I register this gateway to V3:

What exactly is gateway EUI ? New user interface allow only hex input, but on V2 there is no field with hex input for EUI.


  1. Other people cannot follow your link because they don’t have access to your console.
  2. Don’t ask the same question multiple times. That is wasting other people’s time,

Sorry, this is other gateway, based on raspberry pi and

It’s pretty simple I just went through the same process myself (although my Pi wasn’t originally built with Balena’s tooling)

  • Login to V3 console -
  • Add new GW you can use the same EUI from V2 if you like
  • Delete the GW from V2
  • Login to the Pi via SSH
  • Assume root user via sudo command
  • Find your global_conf.json file (find / -name global_conf.json)
  • Replace the old V2 file with the V3 file available from the “Download global_conf.json file” link on the gateway’s page in V3 console
  • Restart the packet forwarder service / the entire Pi if you don’t know how to SystemD
  • Pray and hope that your gateway now works with V3 - it should show connected status in the console

Thanks. I missed “Delete the GW from V2”

There is no need to delete a gateway from V2. It is actually a bad idea to do so as you wan’t be able to move it back in case that is required.
(Keep in mind all nodes and applications need to be moved first and V3 does not have all integrations V2 has (yet) so you might need to move a gateway back to V2 for some applications)