Connecting Ufispace Gws in Thing Stack

Hi, Could anybody please help me out to connect Ufispace outdoor or indoor GWs in TTN V3?
In GW model list, I don’t find any model of Ufispace. Ist it not possible to use Ufispace GWs with TTN?
Any further assistance would be highly appreciated.

Link to device web page and documentaion? Please dont expect the forum volunteers to go hunting/researching/guess which system you have :wink:

I already mentioned that I don’t find any documentation for Ufispace GW model in TTN webpage. Actility resells Ufispace GWs and so far only with Actility FW this GW works fine. But recently some of our customers have showed interest of using this particular manufacturer’s Gw with TTN.

Therefore, I seeked some guidelines from forum.

Please provide a link to the documentation for the item you are referring to as without any technical details it is going to be really hard for anyone to be able to help.

You won’t. If they do not offer the gateways with a generic packet forwarder you won’t be able to use it with TTN. Actility uses proprietary firmware that is not TTN compatible.