"connection via Ethernet needs to enter password" Kerlink-iFemtoCell-evolution

Hi all,
connection of the gateway to internet of my residence via Ethernet needs to enter password and username, I saw a part to enter password for WiFi connection of gateway, but cant find that for Ethernet connection is it possible that I can enter password for Ethernet connection?

I don’t think the iFemtoCell-evo has wifi. When you are connecting are you talking about the web interface or SSH? Connect gateway to internet? Are you talking about setting it up to connect to TTN?

To connect to TTN to send data, I should connect gateway to the internet via Ethernet connection, but I live in student residence and the internet connection via Ethernet is a passphrase-protected connection and I need to enter password and username in the gateway to connect, but I donot know whether it is possible or not for Ethernet connection of kerlink gateway and how