Connection with the console – The Things Network V3 – not stable

I noticed that sometimes a message gets lost.(LPS8 gateway, two sensors linked, the things network V3)
The console stream connection gets lost in about 20 % of the sending.

08:03:09 Forward uplink data message Payload BAT2.5 COUNT0 STATUS{…}TEMP-32….
08:03:08 Stream reconnected The stream connection has been re-established….
08:03:02 Forward uplink data message Payload BAT3.7 COUNT43 STATUS0 TEMP27….
08:03:02 Stream connection closed The connection was closed by the stream provider….

Looks like in this case a ‘re- send’ took place. This is not always the case.

Is this a known problem ? Can it be solved somehow


Piet De Bruyn

Not in the sense that an uplink re-occured, that’s all fine.

It’s down to the stability of your internet connection to the TTS servers. This same issue occurred with v2 as well.

Is there something I should/could do about it?
As far as I understand, this phenomenon should not be the cause of eventually loosing uploads
As far as I understand, every piece in the chain from my gateway to the TTS infrastructure or a combination of it can be the reason.

Mine goes for hours without a glitch, then hiccups and reconnects. Sometimes it glitches several times in the space of a few minutes. I have 250Mb down and 30Mb up.

I have also written my own console, it’s a lighter load so tends not to glitch as much but it does eventually (I haven’t put restart code in).

The console and the back end processing are separate - just because you don’t see it on the console means you haven’t got it in your integration / backend / data storage.

Obviously this could be a huge issue - do you have a console log with an uplink and the data store without that uplink?

Or a big bag of water (person) or metal skip passing close to your device at the point it sends the uplink, or multiple transmissions in the area, so it never gets to your gateway. Your internet glitches so the UDP packet never gets as far as TTS. But once it’s in TTS I have confidence that it will be processed, TTI use clusters to cope with a server falling over, but then your integration may have a problem…

As a BACKUP we do have Data Storage - it only holds 36 - 48 hours but it’s entirely internal to TTS so if your integration goes wrong, you still have a way to get to the missing data.

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