Console: Network Error / Stream reconnected

Hey, I’m having trouble sending a simple “hello World” to the TTN. Currently using a RAK831 as a gatway and ESP32 TTGO T-Beam board to send it via LoRaWAN.

In my Application Console I’m constantly seeing the logs “Console: Network Error” and “Console: Stream reconnected”

I was able to send message to the ttn with one of my t-beam boards but now i can’t even send anything.

The logs on my serial monitor (Arduino IDE) are “EV_TXSTART” and “EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE: no JoinAccept” and I don’t know what to do because I am a complete begginer.

Thank you!!

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Hello I constantly have this message “Network error” I followed to my letter
The recommendations nothing changes.
Can you help me solve this problem.
Thank you.
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This is an error message about the connection between your browser and the TTN servers.

Where are you located (town/city will suffice), how do you connect to the internet, is it generally reliable, how responsive is it (ping time) and which TTN cluster (eu, nam or au) are you using?

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Thank you for answering me, I specify that I am a novice.
I have a very good network and I have no worries about my other connections. I live in the countryside.
I installed a Dragino LPS8 brand gateway that also works very well.
I don’t understand the word “cluster”?
Thank you.


You have not told us where you are located and how you connect to the internet.

Questions are answered by volunteers - please answer the diagnostic questions otherwise you will be using Google Translate for a long long time whilst we keep asking them.

The cluster is the region - like EU or North America or Australia - where the servers are.

I live in France (EU) city of Saint-Claude (Jura). I connect to a box from Orange (Livebox).
My PING is 23ms / throughput: 41Mbps.

One additional hint: The RSSI seems to be very high. Looks like feeding the node directly into the gateway. This can cause problems.

Thank you for this subjection.
How do I delete this node in the gateway? knowing that it is an LPS8?
Sorry for my ignorance.
Thank you

I’ve got a similar problem, how can i solve it? I am using a LDS02 Dragino device and what appears is in the live data section is the image that I attach:

Forum search would tell you this is often called out and does not affect device/gw/ TTN operation but rather is a message saying your browser (console view)/internet connection (stream)/back end server link is lost, dropped or intermittent. Fix = more stable internet connection from browser to server, even then you may occasionally see it in periods of low no traffic/updates….if PC sleeps or whatever….