Console shows "not connected" but gateway works

Although it looks my gateway works correct (payloads from my nodes are received) the TTN console shows it is not connected. The TTN-Mapper chart also shows many gateways offline since about 10 hours, just like mine.

Am I doing something wrong or are there issues with TTN?


Yes, i think i have the same Problem. My two gateways are offline, ttn-mapper shows also they are offline!


I will test it.

I own the same gateway: iC880A (Raspberry). Several gateways on TTN-Mapper are offline since about the same time namely 2019-08-17 22:30.


The TTN Routing Services EU Region status now shows “Performance Issues”, maybe this has something to do with the issue. During my testings last two weeks I saw several TTN outages :frowning:

Ok now i testet ist. One Gateway receive packets and now it is shown as connected in the console.


My Gateway is offline for 15hours , now.
I didn’t know that there is a probem and reinstalled the RAK OS image of the raspberry.

Where can I find a like showing perdormance issues , it would be a great help.
Best regards
Frank (Grefrath, DE)

Hi BoRRoZ,
thanks a lot for the link. My Gateway is : eui-b827ebfffe164cc5 and the communication stopped at 23:30 local time. I rebooted and reimaged the gateway today. Data is not getting throught. Well I think I will wait 48 hours. I casr it does not connect… does it make sense to reregister the gateway ?
Mybe the historical data may get lost .

Best regards
Frank (Grefrath, DE)

TTN Console still reports my gateway, after 16 hours, as offline. It nevertheless handles messages coming from my nodes when they were used before. When trying to use a new node it does not connect and the gateway - of coarse - does not show traffic.


@ fulbrich

Most stopped at 23:30 local time, check the red gateway icons on the TTN-Mapper site.

For service degradation reports, if nothing is listed at the status page, use the instructions listed at the top of that page and report them on the ops channel in slack.
Messages on the forum are not monitored by the operations team and will not result in anyone resolving the issue.

Sorry, what is slack ? I now slackware a linux distribution.
I guess it is another page, another logon, another tool ?
I hoped to find a communication chanel ob “” website.

I guess google is my friend and I will digg me throught.
Tomorrow I planned a demonstration to some persons resposible in my village for
town development… my be I have to reschedule it due to technical problem.

Thanks a lot for your feedback …
I will look after “slack”

Best regards

Check this previous discussion for information on slack and how to get on to it.

And keep in mind the community deployment does not have a service agreement so it might experience issues anytime.

Hi Jac,
thanks a lot for your reply. I managed it by following your link in the post to join the slack channel.

Thanks a lot,

Server connected now some hours ago.