Convert tracking data to a Map

Good day,

I was wondering if there are applications available that can convert RAK 7200 / RAK 7220 to “readable data”.

In the Console the whole data string is visible and… with some math I can extract the information manually.
However… I guess it would be nicer to just see a map with the location of the GPS tracker (and history)

Is there any application that I can use that collects the data from “the things network” and shows me the location with history?

Thanks, IT-Gypsy

(Of course it would be possible to develop something myself, but it’s such a waste of time if something is available:))

You could search the forum for similar questions and take a look at the answers…

Thanks for the advise, but… I think I am not looking in the proper direction, because I can’t seem to find a topic with a similar question that actually also offers a solution :frowning:
Thanks, IT-Gypsy

To help me out developing some additional support materials, can you tell me what search terms are you using on the forum please.

And if you’ve reached out to Mr Google, what terms you used on that.

As a thank you, I can tell you that most of the heavy lifting can be done by using the RAK provided JavaScript decoder and, just in case you mean’t something slightly different in terms of mapping (as you’ve asked about range issues), that the RAK7200 does not transmit hdop so can’t be used with the heat map you can create.

Look at Cayenne/MyDevices - TTN Integration? Wrks just fine with the RAK5205 precursor devices. Have historic data to plot for T&H over many months but GPS seems to age >24hrs so you may need alternate storage and display options if that is important… Dont have 7200’s myself so havent checked if Cayenne LPP payload implemented. If it is or is option then you are good to go :slight_smile:

It does, but you’re not supposed to spoil the Google Use party!

No, there is not. But just take a look at NodeRed, which has a TTN connector, and you will see your data “streaming” in. Add a database connector to the back end, store your data, and do whatever Grafana or Maps application you want.

Remember: it is your data, your perception, your application, you are the specialist. Whatever the community will come up with, it will not match your case 100%

That’s been discontinued. Just use the built-in Node-RED MQTT Input and Output nodes instead.

You can try Thingsboard. The community edition provides a map widget out of the box, and the data converter is as simple to do as it is in Node-RED (javascript).

you can use node.js which as a ttn api as backend and then create a website wich collect the data form the node script.
Like this you can have a real time mapping of your position.