Coordinates of all gateways


Is there a way to export all the geo-locations of the gateways, preferably a list of coordinates. I want to do this to make some probability estimates, when is the optimal time to send based on predicted location of my node.


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This post contains references to outdated APIs.

Please read the following for the new APIs:

You can get many from Any JSON-parser can retrieve the coordinates from this.

I think this only includes gateways for which the owners have allowed to share this data:

Gateway privacy settings

You can limit the output:

Also, this does not include the LoRaWAN-enabled satellites from Lacuna Space. :wink:

(Aside: “geolocation” refers to determining the coordinates, so I’ve edited your topic’s title for future visitors. I don’t know what other options you’d expect in “the geo-locations of the gateways, preferably a list of coordinates”.)

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:thinking: scrape data from the noc. listing?

Caution as many GW’s get listed with a default of 0 deg/0 deg! :wink: Also like many people I offset actual lication of some GW’s for security reasons depending on location so any values you capture, whatever the method, may not represent absolute position unless set with e.g. GPS on GW and even then if not over riden from console data. Also many GW’s get moved around without location being immediately or ever updated…pop-ups, return to office for maintenance/updates/repairs etc. or simply relocated after registration. Bottom line is any location data should not be relied upon to be accurate…

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Ok agreed the coordinates need to be interpreted with a certain level of skepticism. My experience has been that most gw are where they say they are, at least where I have tested. Im also interested in very rough coordinates like 50km radius.

As for lacuna, it was my understanding this requires a circularally polarized antenna and a stack that supports lacuna. No one had been able to tell me if lacuna is on the same frequency and same modulation. I dont think its possible for a regular node to go through a lacuna gateway even when sending at the exact right time.

As for the links you provided, thanks a lot i will take a look :slight_smile:

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The modulation is different. The existing LoRaWAN modulation does not scale to thousands of devices uplinking at the same time. To be able to uplink to satellite you need a device with the new generation Lora chips from Semtech.