Create a lorawan in india

Hello everyone I am Mohammed rehan from India I am a student and want to create a lorawan as my project I am new to lora and still exploring lora and while exploring I got to know that it work in ism band in 865 to 867 mhz ism band so I ordered an sx1276 based chipset called hpd13a which is also similar to rfm95w and using this and raspberry pi 0 I created a single channel gateway using this YouTube link - and my gateway was up and running now it was time to create a lora node and I am not able to create it I download the lmic library in arduino did all the setting on ttn created new application registered new device and also included all the address required but still the code is not working it showed message like ‘packed queue’ and at my gateway I am not received any thing help me out I am stuck in this problem since 2 to 3 weeks and not able to solve it this is my last hope please comment what things am I doing wrong thanks in advance

You don’t have a real gateway and that is probably the cause of (some of) your issues. A single channel packet forwarder only listens to one of at least 24 possible combinations of frequency and spreading factor. A LoRaWAN gateway will listen to all possible combinations.

You need to find a LoRaWAN gateway certified for use in India or build one using a proper multi channel radio board (with sx1301 or equivalent)

As we do not support single channel packet forwarders on this forum I will close this topic.