Create my own network server

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Hii, I am Keyur Chandpara wants to develop my own network server .What is the possible best way to do it.Please suggest me with the best solution. I have referred to network stack developed in go.. I also need to configure it to AWS cloud then. Need step by step help for the same.

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If you really want to develop a network server software, follow the link of BoRRoZ (and ask elsewhere, as a future competitor :slight_smile: ). If you want to just install TTN software, follow the link you have in your post, there is a step by step procedure right there.

Yes your above help was fine but actually it seems that TTN is an open source. Actually there is also code developed in go language.Can I make any necessary changes in that code and configure it to my private server.And if yes then please give me step by step guide. I have find code here.I need to make required changes at network side. @UdLoRa

don’t expect that to happen :roll_eyes:
did you use google ’ private lorawan server ’ …

Again: the step-by-step guide is in the page you linked (at least regarding installation: those little numbers 1. 2. 3. 4. etc, they really seem a step-by-step guide :wink: ). If you want to modify the code, and you are a software developer, you should not need guides, also because you know what you want to modify.