Creating a Webhook for the Pushover Service

Newbie question…I am trying to integrate with the Pushover notification service. The service requires ‘token’ and ‘user’ values passed to it within a JSON file. The blank TTS webhook template doesn’t seem to be able to form a valid JSON file for this service. Anybody using the TTS with the PushOver service successfully?
I wondering if I need to create a custom template??

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

It’s a generic template so it’s hugely unlikely to cater for a specific service. And equally, the receiving end is unlikely to have a “take a TTS JSON format and do the do” option.

I am using PushOver via a number of techniques. If you just need a one-off thing, then use IFTTT to massage the JSON and relay it on to PushOver.

Hi Nick
Thanks for the reply, and there I was thinking that this would easy! I’ve been doing a bit more research reading other threads and coming to the same conclusion that I am better off using an intermediate service to broker the messaging exchange.
Many Thanks

I taught the integrations section of TTN Summer School so I can be pretty sure that there is no other way - the JSON will need reformatting - you can inject your PushOver credentials either in the payload formatter - not entirely recommended as a PF is not guaranteed to run and I presume you really want to know about the uplink and if the PF hasn’t run it won’t be formatted as you expect. Or you can decode the payload on the other service and include the credentials there and send it over to PushOver.

That great and really appreciate your advice and help. I just getting into the cloud to cloud services and the LoraWAN technology. Having dabbled in Electric Imp many years ago I am finding it really interesting and offers many possibilities.

Thanks again,