Creating Integration

(Tum Gis) #1

Hello Everyone,

I am really very new and inexperienced here, but I am super excited to learn and explore.

Now for my study project on LoRA, I would like to create my own integration which can connect Things Network with OGC enabled web server. Anyone has any idea about this?

Can we add our own integrations on Things Network Platform?
Or should I use some existing integration service to do this?

Any help/guidance in this regard will be really appreciated.

Eagerly looking forward to it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Ud Lo Ra) #2

I do not know specifically about OGC, but you can integrate with any web application using HTTP Integration. You set a script able to receive JSON through POST, put it in the integration page, and with the received JSON you can do what you want. The JSON content model can be defined by you in the Payload formats tab, so you may even adapt to standards on your side, provided that they are based on JSON.


more info you’ll find here (API / SDK / MQTT ect )