CubeCell AB01/AB02 - SRC and DEST addresses

how to add to these devices ability to work with “addresses” or “ID’s”?
I would like to send/receive data and know which exactly device send the packet…
for example, in library RadioHead from - it works as expected for LoRa modules based on RFM95 chip.

how to do the same for Cubecell?
please advice…

This is a cross post of Add SRC and DEST addresses for LoRa nodes - CubeCell - Heltec Automation Technical Community which is the appropriate place to ask this question.
This is a LoRaWAN forum only, we don’t do LoRa here.

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ok thank you… seems it is not possible or not worth to do it…
seems I need find another way, probably I need to switch to lorawan stack