Cubecell and sensor BMP180

I use heltec cubecell and BMP180 sensor. It works fine. Data goes up to ttn gateway, to TTN and to Tagoio. I dont have any payload parser installed yet so i got payload as : 0000c0418096c5475f9b56410002
I can not find any decoder or parser to decode temperature etc.
Please help.

Hello emes,

You have to see how the data is built into the payload in Enddevice. This is how it looks for me and then in TTN the decoder function. Sorry for my bad english.

// code in CubeCell
Temperature = (float)bmp.readTemperature();
uint16_t tmp = (uint16_t) (Temperature*100 + .5);
uint8_t loTmp = lowByte(tmp);
uint8_t hiTmp = highByte(tmp);

appData[0] = hiTmp;
appData[1] = loTmp;

function decodeUplink(input) {
var bytes = input.bytes;
var data = {};
data.Temperatur = ((bytes[0] << 8)+ bytes[1])/ 100;

return {
data: data,
warnings: [ ],
errors:[ ]

greetings Nils

here is still pressure and temperature and battery with it.