Cyble Water Meter Module


Just reaching out to see if anyone has gotten a Cyble Water Meter Module (CM3030) to work on TTN. I have noticed they are compatible with my water meter at home and thinking about purchasing one. Manual makes it looks pretty easy but interested to see how others have found it. (There isn’t much documentation around people using these)

Also, Although the payload is well described in the documentation I would be interested if anyone has a decode function written.

Note: Before anyone comments… I have read through my local water authority rules and regulations re putting monitors on a water meter. The documentation does say the meter needs to be clearly readable and cant be tampered with as to modify its operation… but nothing about clipping a monitor to it. Worst case I guess I might need to remove it but happy to take the chance.

  • Ben
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Hi Ben,

I don’t have an answer for you, but am looking into similar water meters for myself. Can you share what you paid for the CM3030? The price isn’t listed online.


You can actually see a price if you click order samples.
I paid around $100 euro (which is extortionate)

But I never received my item. After multiple chase-up emails, nasys just didn’t reply and I am going through the paypal dispute process to get a refund.

It’s a shame as the product looks like it should work fine. But unfortunately, I can’t recommend them as they just don’t communicate or deliver.

In any case, I am now looking for an alternative. (Specifically, something that clips to my meter as I am not excited about installing a second meter or cutting pipes due to my physical location of the meter)
If anyone sees anything promising just shout.


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I do have a lot experience in connecting LoRaWAN adapter to Cyble-based ITRON meter, including connectivity to TTN and other LNS
Contact me off-line.

Would be nice if it includes connectivity to TTN if you could share on the forum to benefit the wider community?! :wink: Mods will call out if you go too far off-topic or out of scope wrt ttn forum and then need to go private, otherwise the community is built on shared knowledge and experience :slight_smile:

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Like @brom I ordered 6 Nasys Cyble sensor, never received anything and no answer from multiple email, just don’t know how they can keep (or even have) customers with this attitude, so my 2 cents avoid this company.

I am also interested in using these devices.
Managed to test one but no success in TTN joinning so far.
Is there any information/guide?

Hi guys,

Has Anyone had any success with this? I am also looking into options with ITRON TD8.

What about we just make one?
The small window has a rotating disc with a white stripe and the red dial has a small metal disc.
A speedometer as a counter or a hall sensor?


Hi @hasadi

I gave up with the sensor from Nordic. They didn’t deliver. They stopped replying. In the end I had to dispute the charge and got my money back from Paypal.

After a bit of a search I used the following unit

Its pretty much a basic ESP32 processor board with a simple hall sensor. The developer has done some good work with the software. (which is really the main part you are paying for) The issue is the unit uses Wi-Fi and also requires 5v power (may be better or worse depending on your situation) In my case I happened to have 24v power and Wi-Fi at the location so was able to just grab a small buck converter + waterproof box and get it all working pretty easily.

The Nordic sensor should be more accurate they use 3 pole hall sensors but the one I got works good enough for a home system. I then drop the data into home assistant.

Have fun