Dashboard showing NO_SIM if there is network disconnection on same SIM

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Currently i am observing as few of gateways are showing NO_SIM status.as per kerlink, NO_SIM can show where, if SIM is not detected in modem or SIM card itself is not present in modem.but card is present in modem then why it has showing NO_SIM.anyone facing problem? NO_SIM problem can occur if SIM card goes faulty due to kerlink box temperature? can SIM get faulty due to Max .temperature? let me know.

For reference Below are few logs where you can observe the similar scenario.
[2019-01-10T05:13:50.863131Z] [modem] SimInfo( mdm2 ) card_present: false , pin_locked: false, imsi: , iccid: , card_operator: , pin_required:
[2019-01-10T05:13:50.895903Z] [modem] NetInfo(mdm2): status: , techo: , mcc: , mnc: cops: , strength: 0
gwdaemon.log.50: [2019-01-10T05:14:09.301221Z] { "modem_state": "lte,NO_SIM", "rssi": "100,0" }